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Weather Averages for Bulgaria
March 04th 2016 01:03 pm



Bulgaria has something known as a “temperate-continental climate” with conservative demeanour , this is a distinct peculiarity for Central Europe, with warmer summer months and cold dreary winters and very recognisable seasons throughout the year.  

Weather averages in Bulgaria is a common enquiry for those planning a trip to the Balkans in the near future. Whether you are planning a summer holiday to the black sea coast or a winter trip in the Pirin mountains you will more than likely discuss the possible weather before your trip.

Commonly the more southern areas of Bulgaria see higher temperatures, controlled by the neighbouring Mediterranean sea. The summertime in Burgas lasts around 5 months of the year – from May to September. With a recorded high temperature of 42.8 °C in August 2003 and a low of -17.8°C in 1952. Average summer temperatures for the Burgas region are 23°C at sunrise and increase to around 29°C throughout the day, meaning at times the sand on the beach is too hot to walk on. For many holiday makers these high temperatures are paradise and a welcomed change from their climates in the UK, Norway and Russia.

Lying in the south east of Europe Bulgaria is a summer paradise and The Clara Hotel Sarafovo is sitting right at the edge of the beautiful black sea coast with enviable weather and very low chance of rain. Relaxing in the summer sun The Clara Hotel enjoys up to ten hours of sunshine per day. The simplest way to describe the weather for the Burgas region is long hot summer days and cold sharp winters.

These distinct seasons allow local Bulgarian people to prepare for the cold season with blocks stacked outside their homes while the warm summer sun encourages outside dining with a very European or continental feel to it. Like many Bulgarian hotels The Clara has a very relaxed atmosphere among staff and guests.

In the mountainous areas where the Rila, Phodopi and Pirin mountains are frequented for ski trips throughout the winter months of November – February. During these months locals say they experience temperatures beneath zero. Whilst the Balkan peninsula areas experience refreshing bearable temperatures through May – September.

The average recorded rainfall in Bulgaria is around 800mm per annum. It is common for rain showers and thunderstorms throughout the year, more so in the mountains however it is not a foreign occurrence in coastal areas either. 

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