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Why is Bulgaria so Mesmerising?
June 15th 2016 02:06 pm

Fancy a trip to Bulgaria? Great, you are welcome here and we are confident that you are going to have a lovely time. Be sure to book a hotel in Bulgaria online before your trip. So, what should you know before travelling to Bulgaria?

You should know for one that it is one of the most mesmerising countries in Europe to travel to. Bulgaria is interesting because it is largely unexplored and so you won’t have the usual crowd of tourists there as you would in Spain. You will have the whole country for yourself and it’s really a lot of fun.

You will love the Bulgarian cuisine, for example. Bulgaria has the Black Sea right next to it, so you can expect to get a very diverse cuisine here with some of the greatest seafood anywhere. The Bulgarian cuisine marks the fierce Balkan spirit with a Mediterranean flavour. Plus, it is pretty cheap. You can have a hearty meal for two at a fancy restaurant in Bulgaria for just 10 Euros.

 You will fall in love, almost instantly, with the city of Sofia, which has a reputation as the world’s most affordable capital. Sofia is a beautiful city, which is home to many museums and interesting art exhibits. The streets of Sofia are delightful, and there are coffee shops, bistros, pubs and taverns no matter where you look.

You will find the port city of Burgas quite delightful as well. Burgas is a transit point to many beach reports such as Sunny Beach and historic towns such as Nessebar. It is also a well maintained, neat and tidy city with a pedestrian centre, museums and a vast coastline, which is sparsely populated for the most part. There are four lovely lakes outside Burgas and there are many rare birds that have made their home here.

When if Bulgaria, we suggest travelling to the mountains, and not just sticking to the usual tourist spots such as Sofia, Varna and Sunny Beach. In fact, if you really want to know what Bulgaria is truly like, visit the mountains of Bulgaria.

This is where you will get to taste authentic Bulgarian food, sample the traditions of Bulgarians and observe Bulgarian life as it truly is, without the impact of Westernising forces. Bulgaria has a rich history and a unique national identity, so if you want to truly learn how Bulgaria is like, travel to the mountains.

Bansko is a beautiful hill station in Bulgaria that you must visit. It is also a wonderful ski resort and a popular winter destination.  You will get the best visuals of the Bulgarian mountains here. You can take part in a number of sporting activities such as skiing (if you visit in winter), mountaineering, rock climbing, gliding and so on.

You may want to trek through the Rila mountain as well. The Musala peak is 2945 metres high and is pretty impressive. It is not all that difficult to climb either. So maybe you could try your hand at mountaineering when you make your way up here. In fact, if you don’t climb to the top of the Balkans during your trip to Bulgaria, you’ve basically done nothing at all!

Also worth visiting is the Vitosha Mountain, which is just outside Sofia. The Vitosha Mountain offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The best time to visit is during the evening hours. The sunset here is particularly beautiful. You can catch a bus to the Vitosha Mountain, and once there, be sure to make a splash at the Boyana waterfall.

Finally, when you are in Bulgaria, be sure to sample the Bulgarian wine, which may not be as famous as French wine or Italian wine, but is just as delightful. 

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