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Why Bulgaria is Europes Greatest Secret
May 13th 2016 02:05 pm

 Bulgaria –the land of majestic mountains, unspoiled beaches, great food and beautiful people. Are you ready for your Balkan adventure yet? Great, the first thing you will need to do is to find a great hotel in Bulgaria. Next, hop on the flight and make your way to the beautiful country.

It’s such a pity that so many people do not know about the Balkan Peninsula, which is perhaps Europe’s greatest secret. Bulgaria was under Communist rule for several decades, but has been a free market democracy for almost three decades now. Bulgaria is definitely open to travellers and adventurers.

 So why is Bulgaria Europe’s best kept secret? Let’s find out!

#1: Air travel to Bulgaria is surprisingly affordable. There are a number of low cost airlines in the UK and Ireland that operate flights to Bulgaria. You will be surprised at how cheap the flight can be. Everything in Bulgaria is a short bus ride or drive away.

 #2: The Black Sea Coast is impressive. Bulgaria has a large, unspoiled coastline, which stretches for miles and miles. You will love visiting Sunny Beach. The beaches here are lovely, fun and filled with young people who just want to party and have fun.  You might as well lounge on a chair in one of the pristine beaches here, pick up your Kindle and bask in the warm glow of the sunlight.

#3: Catch nature at its pristine best in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a naturally beautiful country, and nature has been especially kind to it. You will love trekking through the mountains, taking a quick shower in the waterfalls, swimming in the crystal clear lakes and rivers, watching the wildlife pass by and the blooming flowers. Nature is truly marvellous in Bulgaria. See it to believe it!

#4: Bulgaria is mostly free. Some of the best signs in Bulgaria, such as the Arts district, the intricately designed medieval churches, monasteries and museums are free. If you are travelling on a budget Bulgaria is exactly where you should be. Cost of living in Bulgaria is incredibly cheap.

 #5: The Bulgarian food is truly awesome! Have you ever had a kufteh? You should, for it is one of the most delicious meatballs you will ever have. While you are at it, also ask for a Shopska Salad. Shopska Salad is the national food of Bulgaria. It is an incredibly sumptuous, fulfilling and tasty food. It’s healthy too, and adds little or no calories to your diet. What about the Bulgarian fried bread, have you tasted it yet? It’s positively splendid!

#6: You will love the Rakia. Rakia is the most popular drink in Bulgaria. It is a fruity brandy with 60% alcohol content. Bulgarians have it at lunch, dinner, on the streets, in a mall or in a cafe. It’s everywhere. But Bulgarians can hold their drink too – you won’t find anyone too tipsy or out of control there, except for some foreign tourists! (But who can blame them; they are having the time of their life in Bulgaria.)

 #7: Bulgarians are shockingly friendly. If you are used to being surrounded by rude or arrogant people in your office, you are in for a real shock when you visit Bulgaria. Bulgarians are the nicest, friendliest and the kindest people you will ever meet. They are humble, polite and helpful to foreign tourists. If you happen to be lost, you will have young and old Bulgarians escorting you all the way so that you make it to your destination.  They are so well mannered too. You will never meet a Bulgarian who doesn’t smile back at you.

You will enjoy your stay in Bulgaria, and when you come back, you will love telling your friends and family all about it. There next time someone asks you “Where’s Bulgaria” – tell them how Bulgaria is Europe’s greatest secret!


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