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Weather in Burgas Bulgaria
January 27th 2016 12:01 pm

In Bulgaria the weather determines the amount of tourists that visit certain areas and the time of the year they visit. Each calendar year is divided into four astronomical seasons which include spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Throughout the summer months (June – September) the Bulgarian black sea cost is alive with tourists and generally has a humid climate.

There are more than three hundred hours of sunshine throughout July and August. One of the main reasons holiday makers choose Bulgaria is due to price. Bulgaria is renowned for being cheaper than other holiday destinations in Europe and therefore in today’s economic climate is much more appealing to families as well as young people looking for summer fun. There is hundreds of black sea coast hotels filled each year with English, Irish, Russian and German tourists. There are families travelling to hotels in Sarafovo, Burgas for a summer holiday and there are also business people travelling to Bulgaria for short trip looking for an airport hotel. The Clara hotel can offer everything you need for a family holiday or a stopover for a business trip all year round.

In direct contrast to the beautiful weather the black sea coast experiences in the summer months they also experience sub-zero conditions in some areas throughout the winter months. The Clara Hotel is a seaside complex located two minutes from the black sea coast and five minutes from Bourgas airport.

 In the summer months The Clara Hotel is a bustling hotel with a hive of enthusiastic holiday makers who all want to enjoy the scorching mid-day sun. In the winter months the Clara hotel runs different party nights especially around Christmas and New Year for local people and those staying in the Burgas hotel. 

In January 2016 The Clara Hotel Sarafovo experienced snow and although the scenes are picturesque I don’t think any of our current tenants will want to go for a swim or down the pool slide. This weather is normal for this time of year for Burgas and we have attached a graph of temperature averages as a yearly summary for Bulgaria.

I think it is safe to say The Clara Hotel Bulgaria is eager and enthusiastic about the up and coming season and more importantly some sunshine and warm weather. 

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