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Top Ten Things to Do in Burgas Bulgaria
August 04th 2015 02:08 pm

Burgas is the fourth biggest city in Bulgaria and renowned for its cosmopolitanism and vibrant nightlife. Burgas is also a very young city with a huge student population that can be seen partying well into the early hours of the morning. It is also very family friendly and there are a lot of fun things to do in Burgas, Bulgaria. Let’s look at some of them!

1.   Take a Walk Along the Burgas Beach

True, there are a lot of beaches along the Black Sea that are better than the Burgas Beach. But Burgas Beach attracts a large number of people, especially at late afternoons and evenings. There are so many fun activities that can be done here, particularly on a hot summer day, such as swimming, diving and deep water fishing. Thrill seekers can do a bit of windsurfing as well.

2.    Have a Family Picnic at the St Anastasia Island

St Anastasia Island is one of Bulgaria’s most popular new tourist destinations. The island was once a retreat for the religious and also a prison to house the wretched of the society. Today, it serves as a perfect picnic spot for families. The island is very family friendly and safe and there’s a lot of fun to be had for kids.

3.    Go "Na Gosti”

To go “Na Gosti” means going to a home in Bulgaria as a guest and staying as long as possible, for several hours, even boring your hosts to death! Because of Bulgarian traditions, guests are to be tolerated and treated well no matter how badly they behave at your house. Of course, we don’t advocate that you should do any such thing, but when in Burgas, go Na Gosti at a friend’s house.

4.    Take a Train Ride

Taking a train ride can be a lot of fun at Burgas, where the trains are old and slow. Trains are a great way to see the countryside and some of Bulgaria’s best trains pass through Burgas.

5.    Enjoy the Fresh Burgas Food.

If you’re a fan of organic food, you will find only the very best watermelons, tomatoes, apples, cucumbers and strawberries in Burgas. They are fresh and pure and picked just out of the countryside.  Have a salad at a local restaurant prepared with fresh homegrown veggies, while you’re at it.

6.    Learn About Bulgarian History and Culture at the Burgas Archeological Museum

The Burgas Archeological Museum is a small museum in Burgas, which is very much worth a visit. You will learn so many things about Bulgarian culture, history and heritage. The museum is in one of the quietest corners of the city and right in the middle of cafes and a small market. So you can have coffee and do a bit of shopping as well.

7.    Take a Walk Around the Strandja Mountain

Strandja Mountain is a more than just a mountain; it is a thickly forested region at a short distance from Burgas and has been classified as a national park and nature reserve. It is right at the border with Turkey and is a lovely place to visit. You can have a long walk here, exploring the beautiful sites and waterfalls. Just be sure to bring your IDs as the place is close to the border. Everything at the Strandja Mountain is peaceful and magnificent!

8.    Lounge at the Sea Gardens

The Sea Gardens are very much worth a visit. They are at the edge of Burgas at a 10 minute walk from the city centre. The Sea Gardens are well maintained and have several restaurants lining the beach. It’s a great place for children to build sand castles and in fact, there is a competition in July where the best sand castles are given prizes.  There are bars, restaurants and open air concerts. It is also a lovely park to take a nice evening walk.

9.    Relax at the Maritime Park

If you’re tired after having explored the sites of Burgas for much of the day, it’s time to relax and give in to lethargy at the Maritime Park. The Maritime Park is the pride of Burgas and offers amazing views of the sea from its terraces. It’s full of lovely cafés and cozy restaurants.

10.                      Visit the Natural History Museum


There are a plenty of flora, fauna and geology on display at the Natural History Museum in Burgas. You can see exhibits of rocks, seashells, butterflies and beetles on ground floor, a rich collection of stuffed birds and animals upstairs. It’s a delight for children.

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