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Things to do in Bulgaria
April 27th 2016 09:04 am

 So you’ve have heard a lot about Bulgaria from your friends and have decided to check it out yourself. What’s to like about Bulgaria? There’s so much to love about the beautiful country and we could talk about it for hours. But before we get ahead of ourselves, did you book your hotel in Bulgaria yet?

Okay, now that you are all set and ready to go to Bulgaria, let’s talk a bit more about the country, so that you know exactly what to expect. Sunny Beach, Varna, Bansko, Plodiv and Sofia are the most popular places in Bulgaria. Here’s what you will find here….

 Amazing People

Bulgarians are generally young, modern and very liberal. They have an excellent grasp of English and are very friendly to foreign tourists. They are always willing to help out a tourist in need and don’t mind walking along with you to your destination if you are lost. They are generous, polite to a fault and very funny, never too serious. You will make so many great friends in Bulgaria. They are easy on the eyes too – both men and women.

Proud History, Rich Culture

Bulgarian history dates back to the second century, when the Romans set up an outpost here. There are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria such as Nessebar and Bansko where you can explore the ruins of all the ancient civilizations that had a presence here – Romans, Greeks and the Byzantines. Bulgarians are justifiably proud of their history.

Relaxed Lifestyle

You will love how relaxed the Bulgarians are about life. Nothing ever seems to happen in a hurry here. The people go about their business in a lazy, unhurried manner, as though they have all the time in the world. The Bulgarians live a simple, traditional life and believe in actually talking to people than being on the social media. They don’t mind chatting with a foreign tourist for hours, if they get an opportunity to.

Low Cost of Living

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. The average salary here is just $600, but the cost of living is cheap too. Your Euro or Pound will carry you very far here. So, if you’re taking a taxi in Sofia, that would cost you not more than €2. If you want to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, you can do that for €5 and if you just want a quick meal in a restaurant, that’s just €4! You will find that hotel rooms in Bulgaria are very cheap and yet of an excellent quality.

Vibrant Nightlife

Bulgarian nightclubs are a lot of fun and are generally packed with young and beautiful people, all having a great time. The beer is great and the music loud. The nightclubs stay open until it’s really very late. The streets are safe even at 2:00 am and even single women walking alone late at night have nothing to fear. Bulgaria has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Refreshingly Modern

Bulgaria is a very traditional country, and yet so refreshingly modern in so many ways. Bulgaria actually has the eighth fastest internet broadband service in the world. It has everything you need to stay connected to your workplace without missing out on anything. It is a far cry from how it was during the days of the communist rule 30 years ago.

Today Bulgaria is a free market democracy and modern country. But it is refreshingly modern because there is no blind copying of the latest Hollywood trends here as you are likely to see in many other parts of the world. Instead of MacDonald’s and Starbucks, you have some of loveliest little café shops in Bulgaria that serve quality coffee and great food.

So, these are our reasons for being so madly in love with Bulgaria. We look forward to your company soon! 

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