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The Cost of Travelling to Bulgaria on Holidays
June 07th 2016 09:06 am

 If you’re looking for a hotel in Bulgaria, you would be pleasantly surprised at how cheap things are in Bulgaria. It is easily the cheapest place in the world to travel to, far cheaper than anything you would get in Europe.

Bulgaria is not a big country, and yet it is an incredibly diverse one, full of variety – from busy bustling cities to the rustic countryside, from popular beach resorts to world class ski resorts, from peaceful monasteries to vibrant nightclubs. There’s something for everyone in Bulgaria, and what makes it so fascinating is that Bulgaria is so cheap!

Let’s discuss how much it would cost to travel to Bulgaria.

Accommodation in Bulgaria

The minimum wage in Bulgaria is €170 per month and the average wage around here is €400. That’s not much, so keeping that in mind; it shouldn’t cost you much to live in Bulgaria. A one-bedroom apartment in the best neighbourhoods of Sofia costs €220 per month. Outside of that, the further you move away from the city centre; it costs much less, around €50 to €100.  The cost of monthly utilities in Bulgaria, such as electric, water and heating, costs less than €50 per month. Do get in touch with us to find out more about how much it would cost to book a hotel room in Bulgaria. 

Transportation in Bulgaria

There are a number of transport options in Bulgarian cities. Sofia has a very good metro system. You can travel one-way for just €0.50. You can get a monthly pass and travel anywhere you like, as much as you like for €25. Taxies are the easiest ways to get around in Bulgaria and they are cheap too. A typical ride in the city costs between €3 and €7. If you are looking to stay in Bulgaria for say, 6 to 12 months, you can buy a used car here for just €1500.  A litre of gasoline costs €1.20 here.

 Eating Out In Bulgaria

Food is really cheap in Bulgaria. You won’t believe how cheap it is. Bulgaria’s greatest delicacy, the Shopska Salad, which is the national food here, costs just €2. You can have a decent breakfast here for just €1!  Restaurants, taverns and pubs in Bulgaria are very cheap and nice places to meet people, socialise and make friends as well.  You can have a big meal at a nice restaurant here for no more than €10. Beer in Bulgaria costs just $1 to $2. You can wine and dine your friends without it costing you too much.

 Social Life in Bulgaria

Bulgarians enjoy going to coffee shops where they spend hours chatting with their friends.  You can have the best coffee possible for not more than €2. You can watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster in a Bulgarian cinema theatre for just €3 to €5. If you would like to go to a fancier theatre, such as a multiplex, that would cost you just €5 to €10.

Nightlife in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a fabulous nightlife and the nightclubs here are full of young and beautiful people, dancing and singing all the way into the early morning hours. To experience the Bulgarian nightlife at its best, you should be prepared to spend anything from €10 to €30 on the night you go out.

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