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Making Your Bulgaria Trip a Memorable One
July 13th 2017 04:07 pm

 Did you know that Bulgaria is the fastest growing tourist destination in Europe? Bulgaria received over 8.2 million foreign tourists in 2016, with more expected to come to the country in 2017. When you consider that the population of Bulgaria is just 7 million, that is a significant number indeed.

Let’s talk about how to make your trip to Bulgaria one to remember. First, you will need a base in Bulgaria from where to visit the rest of the country. You should consider booking a room in a cheap hotel in Bulgaria close to the airport, such as Clara Hotel, a popular Irish-run hotel in Sarafovo.

 Clara Hotel is only at a 5 minute drive from the Burgas International Airport. Burgas is a gateway to Bulgaria for most foreign tourists. It is where you have to be to get to arguably the most popular tourist destination in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach is an amazing beach resort which operates on an “everything goes” philosophy, which young people from across Europe find exciting. This is the party town of Eastern Europe, packed with the young and restless from across the continent, who just want to have a party and have fun.

Burgas is much more than that, of course. There are many excellent museums here that showcase Bulgarian art and history. It also hosts many rock concerts and music festivals. You may have heard of the Spirit of Burgas, a popular music festival which is held every summer.

The North Beach in Burgas is a popular beach that stretches for miles. Vaya, a bird sanctuary is worth visit for those who like nothing better than to spot birds all day.

One place close to Burgas that is definitely worth your time is Nessebar. This is a charming little town which was once an outpost of the Roman Empire. You will love having coffee in any of the cosy coffee shops here in Nessebar.

Also worth a visit is the town of Varna. Varna is the biggest beach resort town at the Black Sea Coast, but it is more than just about beaches. This is a place that throbs with history, with Roman bathhouses and Orthodox architecture such as the Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral. You will find something interesting in Varna, whether you are a history student, a cultural aficionado, or just someone who wants to soak in the sun.

While on your trip, be sure to make your way to Veliko Tarnovo. This is a historic city that is situated at the edge of the foothills of the northern mountains of the country. You will have some of the most breathtaking views here that you will find anywhere in Europe, on top of the terraces of terracotta-coloured roofs that look over the waterways under them.

You will love walking along the cobblestone lanes, with pretty half-timbered homes on either side of the road.   There is a lot of culture, history and natural beauty about this place, which has stunningly constructed Byzantine churches, a majestic Tsarevets capitol and more.


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