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Irish Hotel Catering for UK and Irish Guests in Bulgaria
June 11th 2015 04:06 pm

 Bulgarian food ? So Bulgaria has and still is a very popular country for tourists from all around the world. Not just to the resorts of the Black Sea but to the mountains and Ski Resorts of Pamporovo and Bansko. However Bulgaria has a recorded culture and history also worth exploring. Fortresses and monasteries, history recording the efforts of people like Alexander the Great. The Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire all leaving their mark for modern explorers and enthusiasts. So is there anything that Bulgaria is missing? Most tourist countries like Spain and Portugal have grasped the concept of making the holiday destination a home abroad. What this basically means is, we Irish and U.K people love the sun, the cheap costs of drinks and food etc but what we really want (whether we admit it or not) is our own food, our own small likes, our own comforts and we want it in Bulgaria. Its maybe a bit arrogant and of course we all have met the travelling connoisseurs who cringe at this thought and are quick to snap a reply to the daring soul that admits they miss their sausages and chips, ‘The food here is perfect, I like to try all the different Bulgarian choices, normally followed by a ‘I think I will try the tongue or the brain in butter or the veal head in tripe, it looks fabulous’ It probably is fabulous – to Bulgarians but I have yet to see one of those aforementioned persons actually following through on their brazened promise. Wise up! We love our Spuds, we love our beans, (Heinz) we love OUR sausages, we even love our own red sauce and brown sauce, we want our crispy battered fish, we want our fillet steaks not the veal steaks, we want our burgers, we want the chicken done our way, like home. Of course we will try your shopska salad or maybe your onion soup (which is like water with onions floating in it) yes your kebabs are nice, could be a bit hotter – oh and by the way – could we have our tea in a metal pot and when we ask for a coffee can we have something more than a dribble at the bottom of a cup? Yes its true, if we all can admit it, there is nothing wrong with Bulgarian food, it’s us who are wrong! Bulgarian food has been acclaimed throughout the world but we wouldn't’t expect Bulgarian to come to Ireland Or England, Scotland and Wales and eat our food! Or would we? At the www.theclarahotelbulgaria.com in Sarafovo, they strive to give that piece of home to you abroad. The burgers are barbecued, the fish is battered and yes they have Heinz Red sauce! Now let’s talk about why we want SKY TV abroad and not some watered down version with a man from Turkey commentating over the top of a slightly delayed English presenter! If you want to stay in a UK or Irish themed hotel in Bulgaria then book into The Clara Hotel Bulgaria. 

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