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Important Information for First-Time Visitors to Bulgaria
July 22nd 2016 01:07 pm

Are you visiting Bulgaria for the first time? Then we urge you to read the information given here. Bulgaria is a beautiful country, one of the hidden treasures of Europe, but it is important that you should know what to expect. Also, make it a point to book a hotel in Bulgaria online before your trip.

Can I use Euros in Bulgaria? – Lev is the official currency in Bulgaria, but Euros are accepted in many (but not all) shops. The only problem with paying in Euros is that shops may charge you more for it. There are many currency exchange bureaus where you can exchange your Euros for Levs.

Car Rentals in Bulgaria – Car rentals in Bulgaria don’t cost much. You can book your reservation at a car rental online, before landing at a Bulgarian airport, and have a car waiting for you. There are many businesses in Bulgaria that offer this service, and generally there are no major complaints against them.

What about Driving in Bulgaria? You need to be very careful when driving in Bulgaria as the folks here don’t care too much about traffic rules. So when you drive in Bulgaria, you should actually expect other drivers to make mistakes and make allowance for that, by being extra careful yourself. It’s not easy, but miraculously, car accidents are rare in Bulgaria.

How Safe is Bulgaria? – Many tourists have concerns about safety in Bulgaria, but really, as long as you are sensible, you will be safe. Be aware crime is commonplace in big cities and resorts in most countries in Europe. But as long as you are careful and take basic safety precautions, you will be fine. Just make sure that your belongings are secure. If you are in any kind of danger or have anything stolen, use the emergency phone number 112 when in Bulgaria.

 Should You Learn Bulgarian? – Most Bulgarians speak English, so you don’t have to learn the Bulgarian language.  You can live very comfortably in Bulgaria without knowing even a single word in Bulgarian, but it would be well appreciated by the locals if you learn at least the most basic Bulgarian words.

Are there any Starbucks in Bulgaria? Yes, there are, but not as many as in other countries in Europe, but there are many elegant coffee shops in Bulgaria that offer coffee at ridiculously low rates. A cup of coffee, even a cappuccino would cost you anything from €0.30 to €1.00 in Burgas. At Starbucks in Bulgaria, coffee costs €2.

The Expat Community in Bulgaria – Bulgaria has a large British and Irish expat community. There are many networking events for expats in Bulgaria, especially in Burgas, Sofia and Plovdiv.  You may want to join those. Generally, you will not find it hard to make friends in Bulgaria, as the country is teeming with foreign tourists, especially Burgas and resort towns such as Sunny Beach.

 When a head shake means “yes” and a nod means “no”! There are tiny little things about Bulgarian culture you should know, such as the fact that a head shake in Bulgaria means a “yes” and a nod means “no”. The Bulgarian way of saying cheers is to look you in the eye. These are some of the gestures you should know about when visiting Bulgaria.

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