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Great Places to Eat in Sunny Beach
July 13th 2017 01:07 pm

 Sunny Beach is the most popular beach resort in Eastern Europe. It’s a great place to have a party, have fun and have a whale of a time. Sunny Beach has many popular restaurants – we discuss the best of them.

You will certainly want to have the list of best restaurants in Sunny Beach in your hands when you go visiting. Over 1 million tourists visit this place every summer, so as you can imagine, each of the restaurants listed here stay busy during the peak tourist season.

But first, book a room in a cheap hotel in Bulgaria close to Sunny Beach such as Clara Hotel. We are one of the most popular hotels in Sarafovo, and are at a short drive from Sunny Beach and are generally packed with tourists. Visit us anytime.

Here’s a look at the great places to eat in Sunny Beach....

 Hawaii – Hawaii is a popular eatery in Sunny Beach which is located at the North of Flower Street, Beachside Promenade. This is run by an Irish gentleman and the food here is really good.

 It is located on the beach itself, offers great food at great rates. The best time to visit Hawaii is during lunch time. You can look forward to some really sumptuous lunch specials here.

Hawaii is on the top of our list for high quality food, excellent prices, and great location. Let’s look at the other great restaurants in Sunny Beach.



Morris – Morris is another lovely restaurant situated at Flower Street, Beachside Promenade. This is a busy and bustling eatery with excellent food and is always filled with tourists.  There is a small but safe play area for small children here, which parents will appreciate.

Lotus Restaurant – Lotus Restaurant is located at South Sunny Beach, just opposite The House. This place offers really delicious and sumptuous meals with all sorts of menu options. You can have pasta, special local dishes with potatoes or chicken, Shopska salad – which is Bulgaria’s national food and excellent homemade bread for breakfast with hot coffee. The service is very good, the staff is very courteous and friendly.  

Khan's Tent – Khan’s Tent is a great place to have dinner and take your date to. It is located at the outskirts of Sunny Beach and remains quiet and tranquil for much of the day. It is not as crowded as some of the other restaurants in Sunny Beach but the food is really very good.

Andromeda – Andromeda is located in Nessebar Old Town. Nessebar is only 1 km from Sunny Beach. This restaurant is notable for offers amazing visuals of the Black Sea Coast. It is certainly not cheap – some of the menu items are so expensive that you could very well be having a meal in a pricey restaurant in London or Paris. But the food is very good and well worth it.   

Gloria Mar – Gloria Mar is a lovely little restaurant located in Nessebar Old Town where the food is absolutely delicious. This is not a cheap place for sure, but it is very classy – sort of place you will want to take your date to on dinner. 

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