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Clara Hotel and things to do in Bulgaria on holidays
June 16th 2015 11:06 am

So what can you look forward to doing in Bulgaria? Let’s have a look at the top 5 things you should do when you get to one of the Sunshine States of Europe.

Visit the Beaches

Bulgaria boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, such as the Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, which are a favorite with foreign tourists. Equally popular is the historic beach of Nessebar, which is linked to several ancient civilizations that have made their home in Bulgaria, going back by about 3000 years. The beaches in Bulgaria are perfect as picnic spots for the whole family, or for a bit of fun and frolic with your partner.

Taste the Exotic Bulgarian Cuisine

The Bulgarian cuisine is a delightful combination of Slavonic, Greek and Turkish cuisines. Some of the Bulgarian national specialties are Shopska salad which consists of diced tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and parsley topped with grated white cheese and the
Tarator, which is a delicious mix of cold soup of chopped cucumber, walnuts and yogurt. The special Bulgarian white cheese, which is baked with eggs and tomatoes makes for a sumptuous breakfast as well.  You will also love Bulgaria’s popular dishes such as the kebapcheta, kavarma, shishkebab and moussaka.

Enjoy the Vibrant Bulgarian Nightlife 

Bulgaria has a rocking nightlife with colorful bars and fabulous music. There are several great nightclubs in here that come alive at night.  Two popular Sofia nightclubs worth a visit are Sweik and Chevermoto. The nightclubs in Bulgaria are very youthful, with excitement and anticipation in the air, with everyone hoping for a bit of luck and love. If gambling is your thing, you may want to try out the Casino Rila in Sofia.  

Make a Trip to Bansko

Bansko is Bulgaria’s top winter destination, with world class skiing facilities, which can be enjoyed by one and all, young and old. Bansko is also a great place to visit in the summer when you can go rafting and taking part in mountaineering, rock climbing and other adventurous activities. There are some lovely statues and museums here that are worth a visit as well. And do visit the serene St Trinity Church when you get there.


Visit Sofia to Experience Bulgarian History and Culture

If culture and history are what that get you excited, then a visit to Sofia is a must. Sofia is well known as one of the oldest cities in the world and a delightful place to explore.  The old town in the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with lovely little cobbled streets and over a hundred cultural and historical monuments such as the Rila Monastery. Be sure to explore the Pirin National Park – which has some of the clearest lakes, gushing waterfalls and prehistoric caves.  

Where to Stay During Your Visit to Bulgaria?

Stay at the Clara Hotel! Clara Hotel is an Irish owned hotel in the beautiful Bulgarian village of Sarafovo. Clara Hotel serves as a perfect getaway for people from Ireland and the UK looking to enjoy a wonderful holiday in the calm and tranquil ambience of Sarafovo, away from the traffic and the maddening crowd back home in the UK and Ireland.

Sarafovo is very conveniently located, at just a short distance from the airport. It is popular with tourists in particular because it has one of the loveliest beaches you will get anywhere in Europe – just perfect for a quiet romantic walk.  There are several lovely little restaurants and shops in Sarafovo and it presents one of the most relaxed environments you will ever get.

Since the Irish takeover of the Clara Hotel in 2015, the hotel in Sarafovo, Bulgaria has been renovated extensively and today offers all the amazing comforts of home – whether it is Irish food, entertainment and excellent customer service.

There are swimming pools, entertainment for kids, pool tables, a spa, bar and more. There is a bowling alley at a short distance away and the beach is close by as well.  One of the best ways for Irish families to enjoy their experience in Bulgaria is to stay at the Clara Hotel. 

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