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Bulgaria’s Most Unspoiled Beaches
February 24th 2017 03:02 pm

Bulgaria’s Most Unspoiled Beaches

Summer is fast approaching and this means it’s the perfect time to go on a beach vacation in Bulgaria. Sunny Beach is the most popular beach resort around here, and it is very close to our Hotel in Sarafovo.

Clara Hotel is a popular Irish run cheap hotel in Bulgaria. Do pay a visit when you’re around here. Now, one of the complaints we receive from our visitors is that some of the beaches in Bulgaria get too crowded during the peak tourist season in the summer.

We understand that, which is why we have put together a list of the most unspoiled beaches in Bulgaria, which do not get too many visitors. So you can be on your own and enjoy a bit of solitude and much needed privacy with your partner.

Here are Bulgaria’s most unspoiled beaches...

#1 The Beach at the Mouth of the Ropotamo

 One of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria is one that has no name. It’s a beach at the mouth of the Ropotamo. It’s the quietest beach you will come across here, and you will have the whole stretch for yourself during your visit here.

You might chance upon a few nature lovers, but that’s about it. Under the Communist rule, this beach was part of the residence of the biggest Bulgarian leader of that time, Todor Zhivkov. Today, it’s open for everyone to visit.

It’s certainly a very romantic place, but don’t venture too deep into the waters. The area is infested with water snakes – they are not poisonous and are really quite harmless. But who wants to deal with snakes, harmless or not?

 #2: The Beach that lies midway between Krapets and Durankulak.

This is actually the longest beach in Bulgaria. It stretches for 6 kilometres. So you will have miles of sandy dunes. The beach lies midway between the village of Krapets and Durankulak. The best thing about this beach is that you won’t find any homes or shops nearby. It is the most unspoiled stretch of land of the Black Sea Coast.

There is a vast forest and natural reserve nearby, and the Lake Durankulak is a great place to for camping. You can lay down your tent here and spend a couple of days with your partner, completely undisturbed. Just perfect for your honeymoon, don’t you think? The only issue you will face here are mosquitoes. But as long as you take adequate protection, you should be fine.

  #3: The North Beach at Primorsko.

The North Beach is one of the two beaches at the busy holiday resort of Primorsko. It is relatively unspoiled, but does get a plenty of visitors. We can’t complain, considering that it is so close to the town. North Beach is one of the best preserved beaches here on the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria.

It’s not far from the Ropotamo Nature Reserve, which this place is great for bird watching. We have rare birds, some of which that come all the way from Brazil here at North Beach. So nature lovers will certainly enjoy visiting this place.


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