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Bulgaria is the Cheapest Place to Travel to in Europe
October 03rd 2016 10:10 am

 Bulgaria is one of the cheapest places to travel to in the world, and certainly the cheapest in Europe. A trip to Bulgaria is a budget traveller’s delight.

Bulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe with a population of 7.2 million people. It is a very diverse country with great natural beauty. Bulgaria has plenty to offer to travellers. It is also surprisingly affordable for a European country with a reasonable standard of living.

The average wage in Bulgaria is 400 Euros, which is not much, and the cost of living here is even lower. Let’s have a look at the costs in Bulgaria, so that you can see for yourself just how cheap it is. 

Cost of Hotels in Bulgaria

Hotels in Bulgaria are very cheap, only a few like Clara Hotel, an Irish hotel in Bulgaria, offer quality accommodation along with low prices. Clara Hotel is located in Sarafovo, and is at a 5 minute drive from the Bourgas International Airport. Click here to make an online reservation for a hotel room in Bulgaria.

Cost of Renting an Apartment in Bulgaria

If you’re considering staying in Bulgaria for a couple of months or so, you can rent a nice one-bedroom apartment in Bourgas for just €180/month; and in Sofia for only €220/month. This is pretty low by European standards. Your utility bills won’t be higher than €50.

Cost of Transportation in Bulgaria

In cities such as Sofia, Bourgas and Plovdiv, there are a plenty of public transportation options available. A bus ticket costs just €0.50 in Sofia, which is pretty cheap. Travelling by metro would cost you the same, €0.50. A monthly pass on the metro system costs €25, which you can use to travel anywhere you like in the city. Taxis are very cheap. You can hire a taxi to go anywhere in Bourgas for just €3 to €6. If you plan to stay in Bulgaria for a couple of months or so, you may want to buy a used car for just €1,500.

Cost of Food in Bulgaria

Food in Bulgaria is very cheap. Bulgarian breakfast, which comprises of the healthy and sumptuous “banichka” and “boza” costs just €1. Shopska salad, which is the most famous dish in Bulgaria, costs only €2.  Restaurants, pubs and taverns are equally cheap. Beer costs just €1 to €2 in Bulgaria and a dining out at a fancy restaurant would cost you just €10 to €12. There are many coffee shops in Bulgaria with free Wi-Fi. The coffee is as good as any you would get at a Starbucks and much cheaper too - just €2 to €3.

Cost of Nightlife in Bulgaria

Going out in the night in Bulgaria is a lot of fun and very cheap too. You can watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster in a fancy multiplex in Bourgas for just €5 to €10. The nightclubs in Bulgaria are a lot of fun and you should budget around €20 for a fun-filled night out with friends in Bourgas, Sunny Beach or Sofia.


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