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Brace Yourself for the Bulgarian Winter
December 12th 2016 09:12 am

Brace Yourself for the Bulgarian Winter

Are you visiting Bulgaria this winter? Then brace up, as it’s going to get really cold there.  Most Bulgarians are used to the cold. They know how to survive in the Bulgarian winter when temperatures can get as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius.

In this article you will find great tips on bracing yourself for the Bulgarian winter. But first, did you book a hotel room online in Bulgaria as yet? You may want to have a look at the best Irish hotel in Bulgaria, Clara Hotel in the Burgas region.

#1: How Bulgarians keep warm during winter.

Bulgarians burn a lot of wood for keeping warm. Most Bulgarian homes have a chimney petchka or a wood burner. They make sure that the chimney flutes are serviced and cleaned in time for the winter. They also burn sunflower brickets and coal to keep warm. These supplies are available at most stores in the country. Since you would be staying at a hotel, you don’t have to worry about this. The hotel staff would make sure that everything is warm and cosy in your room.

#2: How Bulgarians stock up for the winter.

Bulgarians start buying the essential supplies well before the start of winter. They make sure that they are fully stocked. They stock up on candles, for example, as there are frequent power shutdowns in the country during winter. Generally, it is more common for electricity to go off in the villages than in cities, but regardless, candles are an absolute necessity. Bulgarians make sure to have more food supplies stocked up than they really need, as you can never be too sure about these things.

#3: How Bulgarians travel during the winter.

The public transport works just fine during the winter. Buses run on time, as do the trains. However, if you’re going to travel by your own car, make sure to fit the wheels with snow tyres. You should have snow chains and blankets in the car and have enough fuel in reserve, so that you don’t get stuck anywhere.

Also, you should be careful when walking around on the streets during winter as the snow can be quite slippery, and there’s always a risk of snowy rooftop landslide from the homes and buildings around you as you navigate the by-lanes. Be very careful about the trees around you, as there’s a risk that the branches could collapse on you when you’re under them because of the weight of the snow that’s been collected on them. 

#4: How Bulgarians prevent water damage during the winter.

 Bulgarians make sure to drain the water from the tanks or pipes before the winter, so that they don’t freeze when temperatures get minus 25 degrees. Nobody wants to have burst pipes. One of the techniques used by them is to pour salt down the cistern or toilet, and add an anti-freeze solution to the drains. They make sure to get their roofs repaired during the winter, as nobody wants to have leaky roof because of broken tiles during this time.


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