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Amazing Things to Do and See in Bulgaria
May 17th 2017 04:05 pm

 Booked your flight to Bulgaria yet? There are so many exciting things you can do in Bulgaria, reckoned by many to be the most affordable tourist destination in Europe.

But first things first – are you still looking for hotels in Burgas? Look no further than the Irish run Clara Hotel, which is an excellent cheap hotel in Bulgaria close to airport.

Having got that out of the way, here’s a look at the amazing things to do and see in Bulgaria.

#1:  Go on a hike in the Rila Mountains. The Rila Mountains are on the outskirts of Sofia and are a treasure trove of nature. You will find beautiful waterfalls, rivers with crystal clear waters and thick greenery all around. This is pretty much heaven on earth.

 #2: You are no doubt familiar with the Grand Canyon. But here’s what you should do - visit the Emen Canyon near Veliko Tarnovo. Also worth visiting is the canyon at the river Chernelka, about 12 km from Pleven and the Dryanovo Canyon, which is at a short distance from the town of Draynovo.

 #3: Have you even tried mountaineering? This is your chance now. Climb the mountain peaks of Musala, Vihren or Botev. You can do this without any sort of training or any great effort. The peaks are relatively easy to climb, but you will certainly enjoy the snow and the air at such a high altitude.

#4: When in Bulgaria, don’t forget to visit some of the beach resorts around here. You will find many excellent beach resorts around Burgas, at the Black Sea Coast. They are reminiscent in a lot of ways of Bali and Thailand.

#5: Speaking of beach resorts, you should certainly visit Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach is at a short distance from Burgas and reckoned to be the most popular beach resort in Eastern Europe. It is packed with tourists all through the year and is a hit with the young and restless crowd. There’s always a party here, beer flows easily and it’s great all-round fun for everyone.

#6: You should certainly go camping in Bulgaria. You can start with the seaside areas of Gradina, Kavatsi, Koral and Smokinia, located on the Black Sea Coast.  They are visited by tens of thousands of people every year and are considered safe for the most part.

#7: You haven’t really visited Bulgaria till you participate in the many festivals and cultural events held around here. The Blueberry Festival is an open festival held at the Ambaritsa chalet which is a big hit with foreign tourists. Also popular are the jazz festivals held in Bansko and Sofia, which attract music fans from across Europe.

 #8: When in Bulgaria you must attend a traditional Bulgarian wedding if you get the chance to. These weddings are attended by hundreds of people, and there is fun and frolic everywhere. There’s plenty of great food and drink to be had, lovely music and lots of single people looking to mingle. Just enjoy your time in Bulgaria!


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