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7 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria This Summer
May 05th 2016 02:05 pm

 Are you looking for a hotel in Bulgaria? Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which is why it’s such a surprise to us that it doesn’t get the attention that it should. But this is changing fast as there is today a growing awareness among foreign tourists about what Bulgaria has to offer. We give you 7 good reasons to visit Bulgaria this summer.

The Low Cost of Living – Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. How cheap? Well, it would cost you just 10 Euros to have a nice dinner with your partner at one of the best restaurants in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. You want to have vintage red wine? That’s 5 Euros, thank you very much! Shopping in Bulgaria is so much fun – things are so cheap that you will have 5 times the buying power for the same money in Sofia, than you would in London.

The Locals – The people of Bulgaria are the nicest and friendliest souls you will ever meet. Bulgarians are very evenly tempered, they never get into an argument without reason and even when they do, they manage to retain their cool. There are very generous with their time and always willing to help out a tourist who is lost and needs help. They are unaffected by the pace of modernity. You don’t see too many iPhones in Bulgaria, for example, so the people have fewer distractions.

 The Relaxed Lifestyle – The pace of life in Bulgaria is very slow, laid back and relaxed. If you are someone who works 80 hours a week and deals with the London traffic on a daily basis, you will be shocked just how relaxed the Bulgarians are about things. It’s like globalization as we know it never really hit Bulgaria as it did the rest of the world. Don’t get us wrong – Bulgaria has a first rate infrastructure and all the modern amenities you would expect, including fast internet, but things are a little different here. For example, you will probably find the cosy little coffee shops in Bulgaria a lot more fun than Starbucks. The coffee is better too!

It’s One of the Safest Countries in the World – Bulgaria has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It’s rare for tourists to get mugged. Murders and crimes against women are unheard of. Women walk freely late at night in Bulgaria without any fear of any sort. If you are a single woman and are visiting Bulgaria alone, you will feel very safe in Bulgaria safer than in most parts of the world.

Bulgarian Art – If you’ve had enough of Hollywood and want to get away from nonsensical blockbusters such as Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice, well, visit Bulgaria. Bulgaria has a thriving art scene. Here you will get to watch movies that make sense; theatre, dance and musical performances that will leave you spellbound. Bulgarian movies may not make a lot of money, but a lot of thought goes into their production and they have storylines that make sense.  

The Bulgarian Cuisine – Bulgarian food is fulfilling, sumptuous and delicious. You will love Shopska, Bulgaria’s national dish. It’s a simple, tasty and nutritious salad made with cucumber, diced garden tomatoes, onions, roasted pepper, topped with Bulgarian white brine cheese decorated with parsley, and a dressing of sunflower oil. Bulgarian food is like that – healthy, fulfilling and low on calories.

 The Bulgarian Rose – The Bulgarian rose is beautiful and romantic. Bulgaria is a big exported of rose oil. If you are visiting Bulgaria this summer you will be in time for the rose harvest and will find the countryside dotted with blooming flowers, lush greenery and a general sense of optimism in the air.

Are you still looking for a reason to visit Bulgaria? Don’t wait any longer, book your hotel room in Bulgaria today. Experience the rich Bulgarian culture at Sofia, relax on the unspoiled beaches of Sunny Beach and go for a trek at Bansko.

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