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6 Interesting Facts About Bulgarian History, Culture and Economy
August 23rd 2016 09:08 am


6 Interesting Facts About Bulgarian History, Culture and Economy

There is a lot of curiosity about Bulgaria in Europe. The name “Bulgaria” brings back memories of the Cold War, of Communism, of scarcity and a permanent state of strife. But those days are well past us. The Bulgaria of today is a free market economy and an open democracy. It is also one of the most underexplored regions in Europe.

There’s every reason for you to put Bulgaria on top of your travel list. Make it a point to visit Bulgaria this year and when you do, be sure to book a hotel in Bulgaria online, hopefully at the Irish-run Clara Hotel! Let’s discuss some of the facts about Bulgaria that you might find interesting.

Fact #1: Bulgaria has a rich and diverse history.

Every major civilization in Europe, from the Romans to Byzantines to the Ottomans has ruled in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Empire in the past was the biggest power in the Balkans. Bulgaria was much bigger in the past, under the rule of the Ottomans, than it is today.

Fact #2:  Bulgaria refuses to use the Euro (which is a good thing!)

Bulgaria has been a member of the European Union since 2007, but the country steadfastly holds on to Lev as its currency. The Lev is a very cheap currency and it ensures that the cost of living in Bulgaria remains inexpensive. Indeed, your Euro would get 1.96 Leva (plural for Lev). Hotel rooms in Bulgaria are ridiculously cheap – get in touch with us to know more on this.

Fact #3: When Bulgarians nod, they mean “no”

As a tourist, this can get very confusing for you. When a Bulgarian nods at you, they mean “no” and when they shake their head, they mean “yes”. This is a very confusing thing about Bulgarian culture and etiquette which every tourist should know about to avoid confusion in the future.

Fact #4: Sofia is the Europe’s most inexpensive capital

Sofia has a reputation of being the cheapest capital in Europe. You should make it a point to visit Sofia sometime. It is a beautiful city, traditional in a lot of ways, but still very modern. It has no hang-ups about being a capital as some of the other cities we can think of, such as London and Paris. The lifestyle in Sofia is very relaxed and laid back. There are many great cultural spots in the city that you should consider visiting.

 Fact #5: The Bagpipe is popular with Bulgarian musicians

The Bagpipe has always been a part of Bulgarian local music. It is called as the “gaida” in Bulgaria and produces the same high pitched tones as the Scottish version. Every musician worth his salt in Bulgaria can play the Bagpipe.

 Fact #6: It is a country of surprises

You will be surprised by a lot of things you see in Bulgaria. For example, you will find the majestic Vitosha Mountain right at the outskirt of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. You will find the diversity of the landscape in such a small country mind boggling. From skiing in Bansko, you can go windsurfing at Sunny Beach! There’s something to stun you at every turn during your visit to Bulgaria. 



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