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6 Fun Things to Do and See in Bulgaria
July 20th 2015 03:07 pm

 Bulgaria is a beautiful country with an ideal mix of the traditional and the modern. It has a vast coastline and some of the best beaches in Europe. It is also incredibly cheap, so you can enjoy the best that Bulgaria has to offer even if you’re traveling on a budget. So what are the fun things that you can do and see in Bulgaria? Let’s find out! Lie on the beach at Sunny Beach The beach at Sunny Beach is stunning, to say the least.

There is always a beach party on at Sunny Beach, and everyone, even tourists, are welcome. You should try joining one of these parties and have a blast. Sunny Beach is called the Costa del Sol of the Balkans for this reason. Do Something Adventurous in Bansko Bansko is Bulgaria’s top ski resort and has first rate skiing facilities. It is a great place to visit during the winter; especially if you’re someone you likes winter sports. Skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing – you can do it all here. To relax, you can visit the museums here at Bansko, they are certainly worth a visit. Have a Sumptuous Meal at the Lovely Restaurants in Sofia One of the fun things you can do is to take a food tour around Sofia and experience the Bulgarian cuisine. Sofia has some of the friendliest family owned restaurants in Europe. Some, like Supa Star, Sun Moon and Lubimoto serve quality Bulgarian cuisine.

Sofia is full of cozy coffee shops and tiny bars as well, where you’re guaranteed to have a great time, especially when you have company. Explore the Ruins of Nessebar Nessebar is at a short distance from Sunny Beach and is a quaint little town that is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Here, you will find the ruins of an ancient city from over 3,000 years ago. This is where it all began! Spend a quiet day in Ravda Ravda is a UNESCO-protected town that only at a 10 minute drive from Sunny Beach. You will love the grand Byzantine churches here, which stay strong despite being hundreds of years old. You will be full of admiration for the classical 19th century homes here, which are reminiscent of an older era. There is also a fortress wall that surrounds Ravda, that goes back to the Roman times. There are modern bars and restaurants here as well. Enjoy a mud bath in Lake Pomorie Lake Pomorie is considered to be sacred by the people of Bulgaria. That’s because the mud on its banks is said to cure all diseases. Mud baths at Lake Pomorie are lots of fun. It is at a short distance from Sunny Beach, enjoy your mud bath at the lake, but be sure to wash yourself later! The Best Place to Stay During Your Visit to Bulgaria If you’re looking for a cheap hotel Bulgaria, or a Irish owned hotel in Bulgaria, look no further than the Clara Hotel.  It is located in the beautiful village of Sarafovo.

This Sarafovo hotel in Bulgaria works as a perfect getaway for people from Ireland and the UK who are on a holiday and just want to have a great time, away from their hectic life at home. Clara Hotel is a beautiful beach hotel Bulgaria and serves delicious Irish food, entertainment and has an excellent customer service. Clara Hotel is one of the finest airport hotels in Bulgaria, and has swimming pools, entertainment for kids, pool tables, a spa, bar and more. The beach is only a short walk away and there is a bowling alley close by as well. 

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